Green Scar mountains

Located on the the furthest western stretch on the continent of Old Hope, The Green Scar Mountains gets its name from many things. The mountain range is scattered with war-faring goblin tribes that have driven past trade towns and villages into exodus. A long stretched solitary cobble stone road once named [[Robe Road] winds through the range to the old abandoned coastal town of Crabton.

From afar the mountains have a green hue about them; constant sea spray from the Cache Coast glosses the western mountain faces. Moss, algae and fungi populate the ocean facing side of the coastal mountains, keeping them green and food abundant for goblin tribes and sky scouring beasts.

The hot and humid climate supports tropical life in the valleys of the Green Scar Mountains. Exotic plants and animals have retaken the land since domestic non goblin civilization was forced else where.

The Green Scar Mountains is a beautiful sight for any visitor that lives long enough to survive its unforgiving inhabitants.

Green Scar mountains

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